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Welcome to Mosquito Joe of North Georgia

If you live in North Georgia then you know that mosquitoes here are no joke! Mosquitoes have a tendency of ruining outdoor fun and they also expose us to insect-borne disease. Lucky for you, Mosquito Joe of North Georgia has you covered, offering a variety of outside pest control services so you and your family can enjoy the outdoors. Whether you are looking to have us keep your yard itch-free all summer or planning a special outdoor event, we have the right service for you. We've dealt with a wide array of yards and know exactly what to look for, making sure to not only eliminate the mosquitoes you already have, but to also identify and remove any places that mosquitoes could breed or live.


Mosquito Joe provides mosquito control solutions for residential and commercial properties. Our technicians visit your property to deliver convenient and effective mosquito control treatments to rid your yard of mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas. Check out a few of our most popular services:

  • Barrier Sprays: We surround your home in a protective barrier against mosquitoes, keeping you and your family enjoying the fact that "Outside Is Fun Again"!
  • Special Events: Whether you're celebrating your child's birthday or entertaining some friends, we will make sure that your party guests enjoy your yard in a bite-free environment.
  • Misting Systems: A more permanent solution to outdoor pest control, we'll set up a misting system for long-term defense & an itch-free area.
  • Commercial Properties: We will make sure the outside spaces at your work are used for relaxing and enjoying, rather than itching.

Interested in learning more? Give us a call at 770-809-3708, submit a quote request or email us at today!

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Mosquito Joe of North Georgia serves residential and commercial customers in the following areas:

Call us today at 770-809-3708 if you would like to verify if we cover your area.


Best service around. living across the street from the lake it’s nice to not have to spray down to enjoy a nice summer night!

Shannon F
Jun 18, 2018

Absolutely fantastic to be outside and enjoy no mosquitoes!! Thank you!!!!!

Jennifer N
Jun 18, 2018

I have had another service before and they didn't cut it,and were a well known company. Your detail to the job is admirable and professional . I've watched from the window and saw that everything was treated that we talked about and I noticed that the product was also put in my gutters to ward of those bloodsuckers. GREAT JOB !!. I'm enjoying my porch and deck again.

Steve E
Jun 03, 2018

Very happy so far! Thank you!

Jennifer D
May 30, 2018

The team is courteous, professional, and accommodating, and they are as concerned as you are about protecting birds, bees, butterflies, fish, and your pets, while treating for mosquitoes and other pests. We noticed a tremendous reduction in the number of mosquitoes, stink bugs, and other pests with just 1 application. We highly recommend them!

Sherrilyn C
May 24, 2018

We basically live in the woods and used to not be able to take the trash out without getting hit by tons of mosquitos. We can now comfortably sit on the deck, grill out, lay in the hammock in the yard and even water the flowers in the evening and not one mosquito bite!

Carissa C
May 22, 2018

I have been very satisfied with your spraying Only one time in two years have I heard a mosquito and that was this last time you sprayed...but that was the day you sprayed so maybe that was the reason..didn't see him mind you just heard him...I will donate to your campaign if you would give me an address to mail a check. Or send someone to collect a check.

Linda L
May 12, 2018

Just wanted to say you guys are wonderful . John did my property this morning he did an excellent job. Fantastic guy!

Geni N
May 11, 2018

I’ve recommended you to two of my neighbors. Hope they have contacted you.

Pam J
May 09, 2018

The 1st day I was worried my son did get bit, however after the first day of spray, I decided to build a playhouse in my back yard. I'm actually still building and have yet to be bitten (its been 3 weeks). Great Service

Latia M
Apr 30, 2018